My research revolves around natural hazards, the socioeconomic impacts of disasters and geospatial data analysis.

Work in Progress

  • Mapping the Response of Population Movements to Hurricane Harvey with Cellphone GPS Location Data, with M. Oppenheimer, M. and S.-M. Cheong

Working Papers

  • Lackner, S. (2018). Earthquakes and economic growth. No. 190. FIW Working Paper. Most recent version here.
  • Beedasy J., Petkova E., Lackner S., Sury J., Jeong Oh E., and W.-Y. Tsai (2019) Gulf Coast Parents Speak: Children’s Health Outcomes in the Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Submitted.
  • Lackner, S., Pennerstorfer D., Sinabell F., and C. Small (2018) The Relationship between Nightlight and Socio­economic Variables at High Spatial Resolutions.
  • Lackner, S. (2019) A New Approach to Visualizing Spatial Exposure Data for Comparing Earthquakes

Published Peer-Reviewed Articles

Published Reports